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Although we supply Ambulance Transportation to Dialysis Patients we primarily perform this service for contracted Hospitals and Nursing Facilities. Residence to Dialysis is almost prohibited by Medicare and will not be paid. Patients must meet our stringent requirements requiring Complete Access to the patient's Medical History and most importantly-Total cooperation of the Patients Primary Care Physician. Reimbursement from Medicare for Dialysis Ambulance Transport is a particularly challenging issue. Novitas (A Medicare intermediary) has essentially changed the requirements making it a moving target and will not provide an accurate list of requirements for the Pre-Authorization of ambulance transport despite the Medicare (CMS) regulations. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by Novitas in the wake of well known Fraudulent Ambulance companies. If we can be of assistance please contact us for assistance. Due to overwhelming demand we will try to help in this transformative time. For additional information please see our Billing webpage soon-We are updating this information.


As a one of the areas oldest and most Professional Ambulance Services patients can expect to be transported in a newer Ambulance inspected daily with the most advanced patient care and moving equipment in the business. As a Leader in the Ambulance Industry Eminent Medical Transport equipped every vehicle with Reeves Stretchers, Ferno Stair Chairs and Stretchers and aside from the best Emergency Care equipment Automatic External Defibrillators more commonly known as AED's. This additional equipment along with some of the areas highest trained Emergency Medical Technicians gives our patients safe comfortable Medical Transportation second to none with capabilities few can match.


Our staff is handpicked to provide the very best care available. We go above and beyond caring for the patients we see almost daily. You should expect the best, expect your care to be Eminent.



To qualify for Ambulance Dialysis Transportation patients must meet strict requirements as defined by your Health Insurance Plan. To receive information on the requirements for Ambulance Dialysis Transportation call 610.566.MED1